The Fundamentals Of Internet Marketing (Matt Lloyd)


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17 thoughts on “The Fundamentals Of Internet Marketing (Matt Lloyd)”

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  3. Hi Matt, just wanted to drop by and say thank. Pretty Cool video. It has a lot of useful stuff for guys who are starting out.

    I wish I had known more about these things when I started out

  4. "Well folks, for just my first 5 days of activity in the program, I'd say that this went pretty damn well.
    Now, the reason I'm measuring this in 5 day intervals, is for a VERY important reason.
    My point is this; I sit in classes for 7 hours per day, diving into content that will likely never apply to my life or my occupation. I do NOT need to learn the algebraic formula to total up all of the cash I'm earning online, it's pretty simple addition (and thanks to the fact this is all digital, and I don't have any overhead, I'll rarely every use subtraction ;D XD)
    This correlates to this because I didn't need a college degree to accomplish this. I didn't need a corporate ladder "supporting me" (more like putting my life on the line at the whim of my superior, and of corporate politics and budget cuts/pay cuts). I just went out, immersed myself, and worked hard. And now, it's really just down to repeating my sales cycle I've constructed for this program.
    So, I wanted to share these magical first 5 days with all of you guys not to brag, not to promote anything at all, and not to flash these taunting results in anybody's face. The reason I present this information is in gratitude to my partners for their hard work, and MOST IMPORTANTLY;
    To let YOU know that this IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE using internet marketing, a proper sales cycle and lead generation approach (as I stress to you guys all the time in my sales training blogs, and timeline posts in general), and an undying urge and DRIVE TO SUCCEED.
    Now, let's talk logistics. And as you probably know VERY well about other "mentors" in this industry, they NEVER provide tangible, feasible strategies PERSONALLY. They tell you to check some stupid file, cross your fingers, work blindly at it and hope that it all pans out.
    For marketing security reasons, I don't wanna be posting my specific strategy right here on my wall for all of the world to copy, because my traffic sources would go dry, and essentially, my strategy would quickly become obsolete. HOWEVER; for anybody interested in getting this to work like it has for me (I'm freaking 16 years old people, I'm sacrificing my social life and so much more to take my childhood to figure this out for all of you guys here haha. And after all, if I can pull this crap off at 16, so can you), then please comment "STRATEGY CALL PLEASE! Let's do this!" below, and I will reply you and schedule a Skype call where I will accomplish the following with you before getting off of the line;
    1. Demonstrate my entire sales process START TO FINISH with a freaking SCREENSHARE. You'd quite literally have to be blind not to learn it by the time we will finish up with the call together my friends.
    2. Demonstrate the system details, show you how every single feature works (that I actually use), and overview the 4 different product packages of internet marketing training videos.
    3. Get you rolling on your way to your first sale, if you are interested in joining a private marketing team that teaches this stuff (announced a few days back – called the Inbound Commission Project).
    This being said guys, if you want to get your first results with internet marketing and turn your finances around (as well as meet me 1-on-1 over several long coaching calls, and get any other business advice you would like), please comment "STRATEGY CALL PLEASE! Let's do this!" below!
    Cheers to your very shortly upcoming successes, my friends! KEEP THE HUSTLE UP. "

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