It’s Time To Stop Learning Internet Marketing


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19 thoughts on “It’s Time To Stop Learning Internet Marketing”

  1. Good video John once you learn the basics it is time to take massive action and pick up more tips ( learning ) along the way as you go to get better.

  2. Love the video, but my problem is I keep doing and wasting money with out learning the right way to go about what I am doing but great video and funny to!

  3. mr chow, Im currently building my website for a freelance webdesign project. and Ive been trying to learn everything under the sun about CMS and other tools and I dont know when i'll become expert and start making the project. thank you so much for this invaluable advice. I will take your advice from now on. I wish you the very best in your life and hope fully you will continue making this kind of video in the future. Subcribed!
    ps:sorry if I offended anyone english isnt my first language.

  4. Thank you very much John Chow. This is the first video I saw from you and I really like the way you teach! I dont know who you are and what you exactly do yet – but I will find it out . 😉 I like your style and really corious about your other videos. A Big thank you from Germany and soon also from Thailand where I will live soon. Follow your videos for sure ;-)

  5. I agree John, don't wait until you learn everything about a certain part of the marketing process. But the main reason I believe people don't get results is because there are no steps. The reason information is always given in steps is because there is no other way to deliver the information.

    Most people think that if they just follow some steps they will get the same results but those results that the successful person had, are not the steps that they teach even though they think they are teaching the same steps. The steps, I believe are the process they took in the beginning. Their expertise. They just think those were the steps but the fact is that most people can never remember the exact steps they took to have results in anything they do.

    There are too many different parts of a business for different people for a step system to work for everybody but those steps can get somebody an idea of what direction to take and that the hardest workers, learning what they need to learn for their own blueprint is what is important but I agree with you on getting started.

    People should not worry about getting few results, they will find what works and what doesn't. Thanks for the great info, I really enjoyed it. Have a great day my friend !

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