8 thoughts on “Google SEO for Dummies”

  1. Hey DB, thanks for such an enlightening video. I am working on your tip. I would like to get one thing straight though, do I need a paid domain name or can I stick with the sub domain to make this work?

  2. clickable links inside videos…. what are you using? forgot…the one where you can link back to your website integrated with this channel??????

  3. Thank you for the video! Great tips! In fact I started doing that and added Blogger too. I also have a question: I am not familiar with Weebly, as I do not use it, but I heard that you cannot rank weebly sites in Google. Is that right, and if it is, how would it work for SEO purposes? And about the affiliate links, I am trying to use a bridge page, and so far it works ok. And what about Google+? I am very much surprised to see that a lot of businesses do not use Google+. I think out of all the Social Networks G+ has the most SEO power (as far as those in our contacts, but between personal page and our business pages, can amount to thousands). Thanks again for the information. Subscribed and Liked!

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